The Tourist farm Žvanč is located 630 m above the sea level and 8 km from the town of Kobarid in the village of Drežniške Ravne.

At the farm you can have either a calm holiday or live many interesting experiences in the unspoilt nature which is appropriate also for children.

From the farm you can admire a magnificent view of the surrounding mountains. Close to the farm there are many waterfalls and gorges. There are really many possibilities for short walks or longer hiking trips. You can also go into the valley for swimming in the river Nadiža or for an adrenaline descent down the river Soča. Also horseback riding, biking and paragliding lovers will find many things to do in the surroundings. If you are interested in history, you can visit the Kobarid museum which exhibits on the events that occurred during First World War or join a guided excursion with 'The walks of peace in the Soča region' foundation.

How to reach us from Kobarid


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